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What our guests say.

– Lauren Proctor

An absolutely beautiful place tended by some very special souls. the land and farm are the perfect setting for an opportunity to rest, reflect, and connect. Menaka and her family are gracious hosts with huge hearts. Menaka showed us around wayanad, experiencing the sites, culture and people was a pleasure with her as a supportive guide. her mother, with an equally giving and huge heart, cooked the most delicious food, always with a genuine smile and sweet sense of playfulness. I would recommend to everyone who can - take some time away and stay here for a wonderful gift to yourself, or your loved ones. thank you for everything! so glad to have these friends in the world, and know the good spirit in which the live still exists amongst us.

– Mori Neumann

It was a true pleasure to stay in Aham Anubhava! Truth is- I didn't really know what to expect, my stay was 1 month, but from the very first day I discovered an absolutely magical place!! Menaka is a fantastic host, probably the best you will ever find, always making sure her guests feel good, and making us feel at home from the first moment. Menaka's parents are also so sweet, and the food was amazing! They prepared for me especially- food without spicy!! (which is almost impossible to find elsewhere in India). Menaka took us around to see all the beautiful places in Wayanad, waterfalls, national parks, temples, and many more. If you are looking for a peaceful place, with beautiful nature, and an authentic experience in Wayanad Kerala- this is the place for you! Thank you so much for this experience Menaka, it will be remembered forever :)

– Michael Simpson

What Menaka and her family are offering here is truly unique. There are typical Indian homestays and then there is AhamAnubhava. You simply cannot compare the two! An entirely authentic, natural, non-commercial, eco-stay in a close-knit village in beautiful Wayanad, Kerala. Menaka and her family are dedicated to making the experience completely immersive, yet at the same time not at all intrusive. You will gain a first-hand insight into the culture and traditions, both past and present, of the region and the village itself through meeting the locals and visiting some of the local sites. Where else can you get an experience like this? I don't believe that you can! Thank you Menaka for opening up your world in this way, I can't wait to return!

I stayed at the farm with a family 4 weeks of joy & peace. I can’t say enough about how welcome everyone made me feel and how kind they were. Whilst I was there, Menaka made sure I saw the best of Wayanad and her mother, that I ate the best of the cuisine. Each morning everyone happily greeted me and each lunch time, returning from my daily Ayurvedic treatment welcomed me back with buttermilk, lunch & concerned questions. If you wish to experience the warmth and generosity of spirit that Wayanad has to offer in the gentle peace & greenery of a farming life, then I can't but recommend a stay. Simple living at its best.

– Lucy Plummer

What Menaka and her family are offering here is truly unique. There are typical Indian homestays and then there is Aham Anubhava. You simply cannot compare the two!


– Shreyas Karnad

It's not your typical homestay or a weekend getaway resort, but truly an experience of what it really means to be out there in the wonders and challenges of nature.

Shreyas Karnad's Facebook Post about Aham Anubhava here:https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1752018338174376&id=100000986808431

– Swapnil Midha

Swapnil Midha - She will make sure you experience local life like you never would on your own.

Swapnil Midha’s blog post about Aham Anubhava here: http://swapnilmidha.com/2018/04/an-immersive-farmstay-a-lesson-in-entrepreneurship/

– Peter Claridge

If you’d like an experience in India like no other, and have memories that will last you a life time, get in touch with Menaka.

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