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What our guests say.

What Menaka and her family are offering here is truly unique. There are typical Indian homestays and then there is AhamAnubhava. You simply cannot compare the two! An entirely authentic, natural, non-commercial, eco-stay in a close-knit village in beautiful Wayanad, Kerala. Menaka and her family are dedicated to making the experience completely immersive, yet at the same time not at all intrusive. You will gain a first-hand insight into the culture and traditions, both past and present, of the region and the village itself through meeting the locals and visiting some of the local sites. Where else can you get an experience like this? I don't believe that you can! Thank you Menaka for opening up your world in this way, I can't wait to return!

– Lucy Plummer

"If you’d like an experience in India like no other, and have memories that will last you a life time, get in touch with Menaka and book your retreat to the secluded farmlands of Wayanad!"

– Lucy Plummer


– Shreyas Karnad

Shreyas Karnad's Facebook Post about Aham Anubhava here:https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1752018338174376&id=100000986808431

– Swapnil Midha

Swapnil Midha’s blog post about Aham Anubhava here: http://swapnilmidha.com/2018/04/an-immersive-farmstay-a-lesson-in-entrepreneurship/

– Peter Claridge

Read Peter’s blog post about Aham Anubhava here: https://chennaiexpatguide.com/experience-village-life-mountain-farming-wayanad-first-hand.