I am Menaka. Wayanad, the famous tourist destination, is my hometown. There is something for everyone here, stone age caves, abundance of nature, adventure, wildlife etc.

My little village, Mylambadi, is fortunately untouched by the hustle bustle of mindless tourism and oozes the old-world charm. It is this village which taught me that life is at its brilliant best in all its simplicity.

However, after completing my studies, I chose to move to Bangalore to build a career in business management. One day when I paused to look back, 10 years had flown by and I wasn’t as happy and excited about my life as I had imagined.

I realized, what I left behind is more precious than what I could ever build.

The dawn of 2016, saw me move back to my childhood home. I started taking care of our ancestral farm as a first step towards a more fulfilling life.

My life transformed and along with it came the desire to share all the charm that it brought, with those who can appreciate it.

Thus, Aham Anubhava was born.

An opportunity to be one of us in our quaint little village; a chance to experience its untainted charm.