Ours is a warm and simple traditional Indian home where you will be an extension of our family.

We are vegetarians and we believe in the age-old charm of slow cooking. Our home is a no alcohol space.

We have two floors. We live in the ground floor.

First floor has three bed rooms where we are happy to accommodate our guests.

Above that we have a nice open terrace with a swing, from where the view is amazing. You could sway on the swing and enjoy that lovely breeze, read your favorite book sitting in a cozy corner, or simply wonder about the marvel that is life.

Our place is surrounded by our plantation where we grow coffee, natural rubber, coconut, pepper and various spices. The place is quite child friendly too.

We do not believe in trading money for stay and food as it does not resonate with the warmth of Indian hospitality. However, we do charge for our time dedicated in helping you soak in our land and culture.

Also, we would like to keep your experience exclusive by limiting a max of 5 members or 2 families at a time.

Your stay with us